I'm extremely nervous around other people's families and I never eat in front of them
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I'm the same way. I didn't grow up with nice Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners and so I prefer spending them alone.

When I do end up at a family's house for a festive meal, sometimes I lock myself in the bathroom and cry for a few minutes. I get reminded that there isn't much family for me so I have to isolate myself to let it out.

I'm right there it's you. Spent two days at my ex's parents(went to visit). Didn't eat the whole time I was there. I just couldn't do it. I swear I thought they hated me for it. Thankfully they didn't. I guess they could pick up on it.

I know how you feel, SA is hard to live with made all the more worse by the lack of support and understanding for the illness.

You seem to be a beautiful bright girl. I would just take introductions slowly. I remember when I met my in laws lmao. I couldn't cut stuck cause I never really liked it so I never ate it. I had to have my husband cut it for me. Omg.......:( trust me .... Just take things slow and be yourself!!!

Cut steak not stuck....

Thank you! ❤️

Just families?

Well, actually anyone I'm not close to/feel safe with, but I never feel accepted by people's families