I have a very hard time meeting people. In person or on a computer. Replying or even starting a topic. Even posting on something like this makes me feel like jumping from my skin, but I want to be able to try talking about it.
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Then this is the start, this alone has taken a strength you now have :)

I have that same problem when it comes to big crowds I can't handle it because I feel like everyone is judging me but I have gotten better with it especially with working two jobs but in the end I'm learning how to overcome it

sounds like me.. luckily I have somehow made a few very close friends in person but I feel like every time I'm invited out that I'm letting someone down, but the whole time I'm even entertaining the idea of "going out" it makes me wanna go nuts.. maybe I just over think every possible social scenario mixed with my pessimism and lack of confidence too? Idk. guess that's why I'm liking the semi anonymity of ep. kind of to "get my feet wet" socially. glad to see another face on ep who thinks similarly.

Yeah i feel like i sort of jumped out there with posting on this site.

I know what you mean. I was googling about anxiety and bipolar manic depression etc and I found this site. for some reason I feel safe to talk and be myself more than with real ppl. sometimes I don't though and end up being quite for a while and that's ok too. but there are very cool ppl willing to share their story too and it makes me feel like I'm "normal" it's made me smile some too

i have schizto-effective disorder with alot of co-occuring conditions like anxiety disorders and social anxiety to , the best thing to do is fight it and push yourself to meet people go outside your comfort zone , when you feel panicking just tell yourself "its okay im just having a panic attack , if they dont like me for me then thier not worth it anyway "

very nicely said

I just started EP today and I've been on for hours. Facebook is horrible, I never even look at my messages because I know people can see that I've seen their message and can tell that I don't respond. I lost my phone earlier this month and I have no willpower to replace it. I just want to be left alone like 76% of the time.

I agree with you on facebook. It just annoys me more than anything else though.

Yeah, I'm like 20 years old and I see pics of my old freshmen friends with their kids and then all my grandma's weird anti-Obama crap and that my uncle liked Big Bad Brazilian Babes page, no thanks

Yeah that is exactly what it is everydays. lol.

This just made me smile. Yes, Facebook and a lot of "social media" are ostensibly meant to help bring people together. But there seems to be an insatiable need to "feed the machine." Sometimes a delayed response... Or no response at all is what feels right, despite simultaneously feeling like you are letting someone down. Totally get this :)

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I was the same way and today I feel the nervousness of the moment but it's not debilitating. It took a good amount of work but basically I kept putting myself in situations in which I was challenged to be vulnerable and honest as I could be. At first I didn't say much and then I started putting myself out there and eventually I was presenting original material at an open mic night. The hard part is this sense of shame that comes with being true to myself. It can be overcome but it has to be recognized first. I would always beat up on myself over saying the wrong thing or not saying something I wish I had said. I adopted a learners attitude toward life and a philosophy of radical forgiveness of self and others. None of us is a finished product so any judgement is premature. They told me to put down the bat and stop beating up on myself. I had to train myself to follow those directions. When I gave myself a break it freed me up to make some changes and today I have alot of peace.

I have tried putting myself in some situations and just kind of jump into it. It sort of seems like it has gotten worse with me such as with just trying to talk online.

Well in my experience that was the result of a counter force within me- a sort of gravity. It's like there were so many chains keeping me set in my ways. I can't say what is good for you, but for me i needed desperately to change so I made a long and concerted effort with the help of a few supportive people. Ideally it is good to bloom in good trusting conditions but it's not always possible. They talk of a rose that grew in the cracks of the sidewalk. To me it was all about finding myself and allowing the opportunity to screw up and use that to learn also. The more times you cast out the line with who you truly are, the more chance you have of catching a fish.

I feel u dude all day everyday it makes me feel like a lame lonely creep I know I'm not lol but **** it's hard especially when your not used to the whole "making friend" process! any one I've called a friend in the past just came to me for whatever reason so now it's effin akward

Yeah pretty much. I really want to change it though and that is sort of how I ended up here.

Me too I was doin a lot of googling thinking I was weird and how to change it but it's cool people like you and stuff are weird to if that's the case so I guess it's ok:) lol where do you live around?

I think i googled making friends online. lol.My last experience of social contact was going on omegle and well it was strange and unproductive. I live around rainy Washington.

I haven't really tried any others like that I figured it would be!! I like the concept of this one tho it's gotta nice way of putting people out there. I chit chat with my colleagues at work but often feel weird that I have no events to talk about cause I just go home smoke and watch tv by myself no phone calls texts **** feels sad when I let it get to me haha dang Washington I'm in California I was just complaining in my head bout being cold but Its probably worse for you!

Yeah its been a bit frigid here. Actually had a tiny bit of snow on the ground. I am actually from california but for the time being get to enjoy it up here.

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I'm the exact same way. I fear the awkward moment when I don't know what else to say. I'm always afraid I'll come off rude but I'm just so socially awkward.

Yeah, my life is pretty much awkward silence...And retyping replies multiple times and only sending them occasionally.

Oh my gosh, I'm the same way! Most times i type out the sentence several times but different ways and then settle by not sending at all.

I have a sister who is 12 years older than me and I'm not close with at all. I'm even anxious and awkward around her. I have about four people in my life who I can be normal and calm and myself around.

Sounds about like me.