I can't even walk up to someone and say hi. even if someone does come up to me I get red and all these thoughts race inside my head about how I should talk but I can't.... I'm okay with being alone. I have my online friends. but sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have friends in real life....
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Oh my face turns so red I think it glows. Just keep going...

I have similar issues, I avoid people like the plague. Generally uncomfortable around people. Advice is it takes practice to become more confident in speaking to people. Throw your self out there.

Try a distant smile first ... 😊

Start with one person try not to panic. Maybe when you get a bit tired

Yes you are ok ... Thanks for sharing 😊

Medication can help, but really what it comes down to is something that you have to fight through. With everything you've got. It just depends on the time you become hopeless or courageous enough to change something. Believe me I was where you are, probably alot worse; and I still have an unbearable amount of anxiety most of the time; but I decided not to let that hold me back. It's hard, no one is minimizing what you're saying; but you can do it.

Go out every day and say hi how are you to a person you meet in the street. Do this every day for a few weeks and you'd amazed how many ppl like talking to you

yes because it is that easy. uhmmm not sure if you read my post right but never did I say I want to actually make friends in RL. I'm OK with my online friends. I have social anxiety. you sound like a quack therapist. tbh..

Well that's what I did to overcome my shyness. I made it my goal to talk with one stranger a day. Do you know the app Lift ? It might help you

Welcome to the club

research information on how you can improve your socializing skills!

you can't just improve your social skills by "researching" that's like saying it's as easy as learning to tie your shoe.

Or in other words , some of my friends say that u need to get into the water to learn to swim , there is no point in reading a book about swimming.


Even now I'm getting thoughts of people judging me , (it might not be real though)on the other hand its good to know that I'm not alone :) PM me if u would like to hv a chat .

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I wonder too. Social anxiety sucks! I hope for the best of you i know how you feel