I hate people. its better to be alone. chat online. people expect to much from you. I like it this way. I'm grateful for my social anxiety. people should stop messaging me saying they'll help. I do not need help. why so I can be like everyone else? I'm going to become a animator for cartoons once I graduate college. I'm fine with being alone. maybe one day I'll be a famous animator. everyone will know my name but not what my face looks like. that's fine by me. people should stop looking at their anxiety like a disease. its not.
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you seem to be confusing social anxiety with introversion. there is a big difference between preferring to be alone and being terrified of social interaction.

I feel the same way. But everyone keeps telling me that you won't develop tolerance. It's scary out there. People are not that nice. I feel ya totally. I have strong urges to tell these people to just get out of my space. It's hard to remember they are just trying to help.

i think that the main point about being socials anxious is that im afraid to be embarrassed in front of a group it's just a the deeply rooted Shi@t in my head ,That my brain doesn't have other things to focus when around with people.

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:) I sadly agree on average. u sound cute.

Agree :) i am glad you have accepted the way you are... and i have to agree with you about better to be alone... i rather be alone than to have a bad friends who put me down... being alone is nothing wrong. it is just the way our life is...

Hey there. I enjoyed reading this post, maybe because I could relate somewhat. I am pretty introverted and I also experience social anxiety but with certain situations. I don't look at neither as a disease and I am thankful for them just as you are. With social anxiety, however, I have made it a goal to have the courage to face it and deal with it accordingly. Why? Not because I want to be like everyone else but because I believe we grow as individuals when we choose to experience things that are challenging for us. It's not easy, but it's worth it, to me anway. Of course not everyone wants or needs to take this route. Some people are genuinely completely fine with how things are and that's ok. Anyway best of luck with your career.

Its not a disease. Its a curse, and like all curses it can be broken. Not all diseases can be cured

True but online people don't make up for the interactions that you can have with people who are standing right in front of you. You need to interact with real people to learn better social skills and interpersonal communication skills.
Social anxiety is a crutch, not a blessing. I used to think the same way but then I realize anxiety just keeps people from living, truly, fully, living.

fully living ? no thanks I'll pass. I'm fine in my bubble I'm not super what you people aren't understanding. of my post.

Having anxiety isn't a disease by the way. But when it starts interfering with your daily life and impairs you from doing things that need get done like paying bills, taking care of the kids, etc, that's when it becomes anxiety disorder.

E u scared to talk to prople

can you spell ?

Yes just too lazy to correct it

And r u good at math

how can you be so lazy you can't even correct your spelling ? I don't understand...and not sure why you're even commenting on this nothing you are saying has any reference to my post.

Well it is about social anxiety

so math has what to do with social anxiety?

No about computer science, my question on whether or not ur scared has to do with ur social anxiety

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