I wish I was mute so I had a reason not to speak.
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im selectively mute. well i do talk infront of few people tho.

lucky D: I'm forced to speak -_-

how can one be forced??

otherwise you'll look like an ******* and they'll just start making their judgments as always

oh i just look shy and if someone needs something who i dont really no i just write on my scetchpad

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Just say "I am groot"

I knew one guy that was selectivity mute until highschool

I did that once and it was so hard with a stiffy ? Ofc i lost ... .

Well I was selectively mute (real thing; not a joke) for most of my school life.

I know its a real thing (x I wish I would've gotten that .-. except I was forced to speak D;

im like that right now u would never no texting me tho

you should have a stereo like BumbleBee so you wouldn't have to speak :3

I wish so too, that would be awesome lol

I would say deaf too but then I won't hear the serial killer behind me D:

I could never be deaf, I need my music xP

that too xD I've always said the same thing haha

Yeah, plus I like observing and listening to people but not being involved. Like a creeper xD lol

I wish I could hear super far away o: maybe then I wouldn't have social anxiety D:

Yeah me too lol, I really wish I could be invisible, that would really be awesome haha

or maybe a ghost, that would be even better xD


But it would be better than life

I'm not gonna go kill myself or something though lol

That's true xD I was almost an aborted fetus o: I tell my mom she should've done it -__-

Yeah, I wish I was stillborn or miscarried something. But you're here now and that counts for something, you have a purpose xD


Nah, food's bad xD

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