Sometimes I avoid anyone and everyone because I can't stand the thought of them judging me
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What's you're doing is judging yourself and then transferring these thoughts onto others.

the only way to get over your fear is to embrace it

f%ck em all. care for yourself

99% of people dont care about anything other than themselves and their own lives. Completely seriously.

It only feels like they're watching you. They may glance your way, but they are never actually looking.

The feelings of being judged are occuring in your own mind. You are in effect judging yourself. You are being presented with the opportunity to learn how you truly feel about yourself, which will help you learn to accept the things you don't like.

More goodness will follow.

lol you know what they are probably not most people are too busy to judge others

I know its hard but try baby steps. You and only you have control of your happiness. If I can do it you can do it. :)

I have SAS too. And the reasons are plentiful.

can u state one or two....? maybe i can help you

No one is precious than you in this world.. Why are you concerned about them judging you... you are worth more than that. stop whinning on what others think about you and feel free to love yourself .... its said that "People care about people who care for themselves.. So come on sweety .. love yourself and join the group ... life is just beautiful. enjoy it...

Well said!

You should not because 90% of the people are inconsiderate...we can avoid but not to the extent of being afraid of someone

That's true. And I do fight it a lot. The urge to just stay home and cancel plans. I try not to do those things. I'm working on it

Hmmm...good to know...take care :-)

Well written. I am here if u ever need a friend to vent or talk to no judgement or criticism. Please feel free to read my stories & comment ur thoughts & feelings :) id love to hear your perspective. Have a great weekend.

95% of the time people are too self - absorbed to even notice you.

would that entail that they too have social anxiety? As a anxious rabbit, I experience my social anxiety as a kind of self absorption, i mean, I am busy thinking and feeling what I assume others project onto me the whole time . That is a type of self absorption.

sounds like the person judging you is you, seek help

Great advice. Sounds like you may need to follow your own advice

I know how you feel. I hate crowds. And I'm kind of apprehensive because tomorrow my manager is doing a game night party at her house and I'm nervous because her friends are all going to be there. A few of my co workers will be there but I'm still worried about what they'll think about me.