I just want to say that social anxiety is NOT "omg I like totally hate people I just want to sleep and eat and watch Netflix all the time!!!"
Social anxiety is wanting so desperately to go out and socialize, but being absolutely terrified due to the sheer panic that takes over your mind everytime you attempt to do so. It ******* sucks and I wish that people who don't suffer from social anxiety would stop using it as an excuse for being lazy.
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I feel the same way!!!

At your age I was just like you. It took me a long time to overcome it. A big part was there were no effective medications back then. In the 1990's I was diagnosed with major depression and anxiety. Meds helped.
Talk to your parents about seeing your doctor.

I have depression as well and am currently taking Prozac, but thank you for the advice. :)

Try changing meds

People in social settings, scare me a bit. I wish I could just relax and join the crowd, but it's beyond difficult.

I feel the same way, it really sucks, but you're not alone. :)

Omg thank you i feel the same way

Thank mutherfuckin god you have your head on straight. I hate how people use anxiety and depression and other disorders so lightly

Why i drink when i have to be in group situations. Ha.

A thousand percent agreed. I happen to suffer from the exact same thing. I absolutely lack the capacity to keep a conversation going any longer than for five minutes unless the subject is something I can relate to. I usually can't come up with a topic on my own without help because my everyday life is so boring, there's nothing to talk about, unless inquiring minds are curious of what I had for dinner or how long I spent on the toilet or in my bedroom.

Yes, this is me exactly!

Well I had that since childhood there is no cure and my thoughts disappear when I am about to talk to strangers. So I just pass the time with tech until the universe-overlords decide it's time for them to take my life. Last time I made a friend she introduced me to her friends and I turned into a statue and she basically defriended me or I her because she is a normal university sex loving party girl and I am a social nightmare. I could only talk to her and her alone I don't do crowds (more than 1 person)

I understand exactly how you feel, once I went to the mall with 3 of my friends and 10 minutes in I freaked out and lied to them saying I didn't feel well and needed to go home. It really does suck, but at least you have other people like myself that are feeling the same way as you :)