I always get really nervous whenever I call to order food or for something business related. I also tend to recite exactly what I'm going to say before the call.
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Me too! What helps for me is to write things down so when my brain goes blank during a phone call, I read the notes.

It's a very difficult thing to deal with, it never goes away even when you overcome it it's still there in the back of your mind, but you can control it. It's mainly all in your head if you don't think about something before you do it then you won't be half as scared as when you think about it before hand best thing to do is take little steps at a time. You say you wouldn't have it no other way you will feel like that now cos you are living in that bubble but once you get out and look back you'll think wtf was I thinking.! Ex sufferer...

Does it help reciting it. It doesn't for me

For me, reciting helps me to wrap my thoughts together and get to the point of the conversation, before I get anxious and things become awkward.

I did it all the time, but when the time comes I choke

So me !
Even on phone!

so me

I feel you, i tend to go all quiet and my mouth dries up because I get so scared. I also have to calm myself down and have a talk with myself before phoning someone.

Ughhh.. Same. That's why I online order or message/email

I've been like that I beat it by just saying **** it

Having SA sucks doesnt it?

Yeah, but I don't think I'd have it any other way. It's of the things that makes me, me and without it, I don't think that I'd feel whole, even though it can be tedious. I'll probaably have to deal with it for a long time, but every time I face my anxieties, I feel like I've overcome something great.

That is a perfect response I agree


I agree with you I sometimes feel the same way. I just say to myself I don't know this person if I mess up it might be embarrassing at first but in the end you probably won't ever talk to them again. They will just move on with there life and forget you even made a mistake.

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