Pot helps..everybody is my friend when I'm stoned
ToriKilljoy ToriKilljoy
22-25, F
9 Responses Jan 20, 2015

They call that a geek don't worry bout that

I was that way too. But you can't be stoned all the time. That's the problem.

All about moderation

Pot makes me see unicorns cx lol

Yours must have been laced with LCD then cuz I've never seen a unicorn. unless ur talking about the cloud watching effect.

I'm simply making a silly joke, believe me I like Mary

for me its alchohol



Maybe i should try...

Definitely. Just make sure ur first time is with a close friend.

Me too

The stuff does wonders in many areas of being more social and lower anxiety. Great for fun sex lives too!

All about the vibes man lol (;