But i learned.
if you are just waiting for someone try to get to know you,i swear nothing happens forever.
i sometimes avoid people,push them away,
'cos everytime i talk about myself,i feel they never understand me since i've been domestic violence.
i even feel that to few good friends.
this might be not fair.
You actually don't make effort to get to know real them.
If you want to have royal friends who can accept you who you are,first you gotta be open to them and listen to what they say and they don't...
I needed courageous for big one step.

Someone made me realized how to build up relationship and how important very few people who stay for you are..
I am so bleesed that i can have amazing friend in my life.

You don't have to have many people in your life.
Don't try to be someone.just stay you.
and if you have good few people in your life,listen to their voice like they do for you.

Thanks for hearing.
juryandrews juryandrews
31-35, F
1 Response Jan 21, 2015

This makes me happy. I'm so glad for you! Keep it up :)

Thank you,my friend!i'm happy,too:)