Is it normal to keep isolating yourself because you can't talk to people?
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It's a hard road avoiding people.i'm the same. I want to be around people but I find it difficult as well.

Exactly ,it gets awkward pretty fast.

I do it.. But now it's so terrible. 23 hours a day I am in my room, the rest is a few steps to do somthing or whatever because of my stepdad and no school..

Trusting and believing in God can only let you come out of all this.. God gives the reward to those who say "yes it is fine what God has chosen for us" after thinking like that you ll feel better..

Actually, yes I believe that even though I am not that religious. I know that what ever happens is for a reason, so I trust that everything will be ok in the end, even though at times it really doesn't seem like it

yes it doesnt seem but it really happens. The point on which our thinking and deliberation is over, the God's starts...

There is a big difference in saying "cant" and "not willing to".
to live, satisfy your self and remove the bad things from others :)

normal? yes, healthy? no i dont think so.

I understand what you are going through.

Yehh i do

It is normal, because otherwise you'd be breaking out of your comfort zone, and since humans are comfort animals, well... However, most often the things we want to overcome and/or achieve lies outside our comfort zone.

Not just someday, it's best to start as soon as possible with it, preferably right now.

The longer you procrastinate, the harder it'll be to overcome it.


i know it can be hard but dont isolate yourself someone out there will love you for you and most people will like you , just be your self and have fun because you got one life and you should run away from life instead of saying no say yes . I had anxiety and its a terrible thing to have it eats away and you but you have to work at it tell yourself you are worth being around and having fun and having a life human interaction is really important .
I can sense from your question that you clearly are compassionate person because people with social anxiety care.

It's common, but definitely something to work towards overcoming. Good luck ❤️

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