I hate it going to school and sitting in a class full of people i don't know and don't talk to , especially when we have to get in groups and I don't know who to go with .
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You might think this is the worst advice in the world but join a club or just talk to someone. Find at least one friend that gets you through the day & if you have to cry when you get home just know that you can overdone your anxiety by facing it. I hate walking outside in the morning sometimes but I have to fade the world soon time will fade & not living in the moment will make you sad & depressed. Regretting. Just be happy. & your by yourself because people don't understand you & that's find because you don't need them. The longer you spend not being the real you the longer this will get to you. Say what you want I have social anxiety to & it won't go away but it Damn sure has gotten better

not at all its great advice , and I've recently found a really good friend in that class so im good for now (:

Just enjoy your time with them 😊

Dammit if I could go back in time and go to high school again... In two years nothing you do now is really going to matter (besides graduating). Even your classes- you'll be rehashing the same subjects in college in prerequisite fundamental classes. At least in college people are cool about it, more mature and in college everyone is "new" to the school. So really doesn't help you right now, except to know that you shouldn't worry so much about it now because it will mean nothing later. If I were in high school again, I'd have as much fun as possible but still have a decent GPA.

ahh okay thanks for the advice ? 😊

Me everyday in school. What grade are you in

Oh dang I hate that it's such a painful experience:(