Me: Why wasn't I invited!? You wouldn't have come to it anyways..

Me: well no, I wouldn't have. But still, that's no the point.
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I've been there many times as a shy introvert. I'm sure we'll both experience this many more times. Sometimes they'll at least offer the pretense that it's about your feelings and preferences, and sometimes you'll meet turds who tell you straight up, "You would have sat there like a lump." No, I wouldn't have been the life of the party, but I might have met and talked to some new people and gotten outside my comfort zone in a healthy way. And yes, it's nice to know you were wanted even if you do decline the invitation.

Then again, that's a point. There's no use in inviting people when you know they certainly won't come. I wouldn't bother asking someone when I knew they'd say no anyways. It's nothing personal, just spares you asking for something that won't be retuned anyway.

But does it require a lot of energy to invite them? I think not. No one is asking for a printed invitation. People are expressing to you that it's nice to be wanted in any case, so maybe rethink whether the invite is worth making. And who knows? They might say yes the 20th time, come along, make friends, or meet the love of their life, all because you were a good friend.

This is precisely my mindset

Yeah it's nice to at least get invited