I was at the mall the other day doing some long overdue shopping and I ended up leaving without half the things I needed to get because I just couldn't deal with interacting with another checkout operator. It's frustrating because I know I'm perfectly capable of doing it, after all I'd already bought stuff from two other stores and nothing went wrong. Even though both times at the checkout I acted normal enough, they still left me feeling horrible. The thought of doing it again was just.... I couldn't do it. I panicked and went home, just further putting off getting the things I need.
Zeurosis Zeurosis
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4 Responses Sep 1, 2015

Are you ok? I'm here if you need someone

Try chewing gum, it helps me a little, worth a try, i also get nervous when my blood sugar drops, if you're feeling anxious maybe eat something to raise your blood sugar, funnily coffee works for me where for some it has the opposite affect.

Thanks but I don't really think it's a blood sugar thing, it's just an irrational fear

I do this all the time yesterday at subway I couldn't even order and just pointed at the menu to avoid ordering, I then got a sandwich I didn't like and asked myself why I could simply order something....

Ive done the same thing. I can't go in stores when they first open and aren't crowded. Because Im the only one in there, I feel like the employees are always watching me. Its so stupid to be like that.