Just common thoughts in the life of someone who has social anxiety:

*goes to restaurant*
"Omg what if I stutter, what if I make awkward eye contact, omg what if I choke while talking, what if I mispronounce something oh my god what if I panic"

*goes to checkout in store*
"Oh my god what if I don't have enough money *counts money 20 times* what if someone needs to get through and I'm in the way, what if I stutter, what if they think I'm weird, what I'm not standing the right way, what if everyone's staring at me"

*talks on the phone*
"What if I can't understand them, what if I ask "what" too many times, what if I freeze, what if they don't understand me, what if I say something stupid, what if I can't talk right, what if I slur my words, they're gonna think I'm lame"

*texts friend*
"Oh my god they're not answering, I'm being annoying, what if they're talking to their friends about me being annoying, why am I so annoying, I'm screwed up, I'm a bad friend, what if I sound needy, why am I like this"
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4 Responses Oct 9, 2015

I'm the same :/

This so me 😔

meee 😒

:( I think you need to start controlling your mind.