Imagine this.

You're scared of everything.




You can't go inside restaurants, you can't talk to the cashiers.

When you walk through stores, you constantly feel paranoid, anytime you're around people, you just feel like you're suffocating, like you're dying.

You can't breathe, you stutter, you get light headed.
You can't move.

You constantly feel judged, like nobody ever really wants you there, like you're always annoying.

You can't even do the simple things in front of people, like write, or text.
Because you panic.

Panic attacks are almost normal to you now, but they still hurt so bad.

You lay in bed at night, crying, at all of your embarrassing moments throughout the day, because you're a ******* pathetic human.

I can't do anything, I never will be able to.

I can't even walk inside Walmart for gods sake.

Social anxiety has ruined my life.

Social anxiety will be the reason I'll die.
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5 Responses Oct 27, 2015

same, but i can kinda control it, by doing little things like tapping my leg or touching my clothes, something that keeps me distracted from what's around me

This is one of the best explanations of social anxiety I've ever read

I have social anxiety so I know...

It probably feels like that to you, i wouldn't know I don't have social anxiety but... I do the stupidest most retarded things and never get judged, just find friends that you ENJOY being with and be yourself, this sounds like a speech but it's actually true be yourself because when you're at Walmart people won't bother looking and laughing at you and you probably won't ever see them again! If you trip in a bucket of water your friends will make sure you're okay, laugh, and help you up you would probably do the same to them people won't judge you, well they don't judge where I live...

You can read my experiences if you want.They helped a lot of people