well that was gut wrenching. going to a christmas eve party with my bf and daughter with all of his family, most of whom i am not that familiar with. i couldnt bring myself to strike up conversation which i know makes me look bad but it literally makes me feel like im choking if i even entertain the thought. so i put on a plain smile and talk when im spoken to, with a few rare interjections. i wish i could be less afraid and more outspoken. i just dont know if this is really who i am or if this is something i can change... *sigh* at least i went and my daughter got to see her extended family...and now i can finish the night off with a movie and beer. cheers
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the hobbit?

It'll get better if you keep doing things like that. I had severe social anxiety. I still do. But tonight I went out to dinner with a bunch of people. I was myself, and it was okay. I know how it feels.