too scared to go outside. too scared to talk. too scared to call anyone because I've got no friends, I'm just bad luck. too scared to walk around when there no one by my side. I feel like I'm still a little kid, searching for somewhere to hide
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So do I. I have bipolar, severe anxiety that keeps me in my house now and hardly leave unless I truly have to, Panic attack disorder and depression. They all fight with each other and it only gets worse over time. I can't handle crowds and avoid crowded places more and more as I age. It got so bad I started losing jobs and being fired over it many times and told by bosses I was great worker but need mental help. I did and was diagnosed with all those disorders and put on mental disability since I couldn't hold jobs cause of it. I know what you go through and now I get really snappy at people that judge us calling us lazy and crap over our mental issues. Hoping to get through it so I can go after my dreams of becoming a pro boxer and hopefully a champion one day. I can try at least. Good luck with your mental battles.

same here, when I go out I wear black sunglasses and i take 1 mg of xanax

oh really? that bad?!! I'm ok to go out but on the inside I'm shaking when I do.

i can go out without xanax,but definetely with my sunglasses,and only if am all by my self, crowded places are a trigger for me, dont you take some kind of medication for your anxiety ? did it ever give you a panick attack ? those are the worst you feel like your heart stoped and you freak out like big time,and it takes you about 5 very long second to come back to a normal state

hahaha I've had my heart stop. (cardiac arrest). I spent many years on anxiety/depression pills, though I'm not taking them anymore. I used to refuse to leave my house and would get panic attacks often. I did a lot of therapy though to help me cope and learn how to control myself during the panic attacks. thankfully, I don't get them anymore. I started started yoga 2 months ago which is really benefiting my state of mind and breathing techniques to help keep me calm . .:)

i am glad to hear people recover from anxiety,that means there's still hope for me :)

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