I don't know why I get on social media or even try to talk or meet people because when the time comes I panic . And give excuses . I want to go out I want to go on dates. But I just won't let myself I'm just afraid of being judged and used.
NicoleLovex20 NicoleLovex20
22-25, F
3 Responses Dec 30, 2015

Update: went on my second date it went well ! Just gonna see what happens now . Hopefully it goes somewhere if not that's cool to my problem is I like people to easily he's a sweet heart though

Sometimes it's worth it to push through the panic and look back when it's over and you're relaxed again and realize you survived and nothing truly bad happened. Like someone else said, easier said than done. But it might help.

That the same similiar issue i have now since your age. You dont want to end up like me. You need to find a way to break through it now, you can have so much more if your let yourself go. Dont worry about what people think of you? Your unique. If people judge you, let them, it their problem not yours. It easy said than done i know, but actions are what going to change it.