3 years of middle school... I never speaker to anyone. It's like it's a habit. But hard to get rid off. Still is in eighth grade.. I'm trying so hard. My parent believe I can't make friend because of me not talking to people . I'm so energetic at home. I'm myself. Many people tell me to be confident which are teachers. But I can't figure myself out. Many thoughts are in my head. Stupid, annoying ones. I don't get embarrassed anymore because of always been embarrassed and I'm used to it. Life goes on.
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1 Response Dec 31, 2015

It is alright. The ~normal~ are way overrated anyway. I'd suggest at this stage, though, that you at least begin to consider alternative educational pathways, as you are likely starting to waste precious time.

I'm not sure what that ends up meaning to you, as only you can find the right path - but I do know, for example, that my brother dropped out of high school, took the equivalency test and was enrolled in college before his classmates graduated.

Good luck.