I have a ticket for a show tonight, but I only know one person. I'm afraid to go but it is one of my favourites.
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I went to a concert by my #1 favorite artist in October. By myself, I didn't know anyone else in there. I was surprised that there were quite a few other people "all by themselves" too. And quite a few people around my age, also (the artist and her fans would be in the 25-30 yo range, mostly), as I though I'd stand out by being the odd "old" guy there. I think it was better that I didn't know anyone there, so I didn't have to worry about being "judged" by anyone I know. Got there super early, right in front of the stage. An unforgettable experience, so worth it.

so u went right ?

I've been there. I made myself go. sure, I was scared and uncomfortable, but I didn't regret pushing myself through the fear. I celebrate my strength to get through it.

Just do it.

One is better than none.

I know the feeling :( *hugs*

Whatever floats your goat :)

The universal cure for everything!!