Even with my friends, I worry about what to say, if I said the wrong thing. Unless I'm on my (prescribed) Xanax. Then I'm pretty much good.

I've come a LONG way since 7th grade when I only gave one word answers and barely talked to my friends, I'm surprised I even had any!

Years of therapy and being diagnosed and treated for bipolar depression and anxiety sure helped.
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I would like to chat with u.. And offer or atleast try to help.. 👍🏽

I've been on Benzos for 10 years. They barely work any more I think my body has become immune. Socializing with people I know little or not at all is probably the hardest thing to do in the world for me.

being an approaching person is truly a difficult barrier to cross... but sometimes it would seem easier to make oneself more approachable to others...

Thanks for hearting glitter. My problem when i was young is that i always expected something out of every conversation or approach. so when i did not get what i aimed for i would be disappointed and simply curl up in my shell again. so what really worked for me is to just strike conversations without having any purpose at all (even if u secretly have a crush on someone try not to show it)... we usually think in deterministic terms that action A would lead to B because this is what we know from experience while tending to neglect the chaos factor; the minor fluctuations in A that could lead to result C.

Yeah that's a lot. I try to take 4 mgs or less of Clonazepam if I can manage. My "doctor" also threatened to put me on a taper offer.

I didn't even have to say anything, I just gave the death stare and explained why that's not happening lol.

What's really sad is. I lose all my social inhibitions when it comes to being angry. But when it comes to being a normal human being I'm a wreck that worries about the stupidest of things like; where am I putting my hands; how long should i keep this eye contact; do I look bored because I am? ..and as I'm focusing on all these things that don't matter I'm not even following conversation. Just biding my time to get out an uncomfortable situation.

It is some sort of medication to make benzodiazapine withdrawal more tolerable.

Yeah it sucks, I try to not complain about it but like 5 times a day, maximum..

Just kidding. I try not to complain at all and just live life as best I can, but its definitely extra difficult for those of who suffer from feelings of social awkwardness.

It's actually refreshing to know that there are others like me. That's what mainly attracted me to this website.

Well congrats on that. Hope you continue to make strides.

thank you :)

haha... like i said "my problem when i was young"... i've developed thicker skin since then. i also tend to avoid small talk (about the weather and stuff) coz i noticed it immediately flags as an uninteresting person... its really important to implant yourself in the heads of those who interest you

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