I can't do anything without my brain telling me that I am a creep who is too assertive, needy, and desperate. When I talk to people, I flip out the whole time. Am I sounding too confident? Do I have that creepy vibe thing going on? Are they judging my fat? My bad skin? They think my face is fat. Do they think that I am acting desperate? Did I swear? Does my voice sound obnoxious? OMG did I just offend them? Why the hell are they walking away? That guy just said that he was coming back but he moved over there. What did I do wrong? Am I just off putting? I think I will just pretend I am not here for now...
opinionatedchickfromuranus opinionatedchickfromuranus
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1 Response Jan 15, 2016

Hahahaha i have the exact same thing about me and i just love it when i can read something that is relative on such a huge degree XD!!!

Although we all got out flaws and just as you probably yourself know it, its just in our heads and others does not see it ^^ I've asked people a lot of times about myself and they percieve me as normal ^^