Am I in denial? I never really feel like I can just flat out say that I have social anxiety. I've been told on two separate occasions by a therapists and a psychologists that I have it, but I still don't feel %100 certain. I feel like I might have messed up and said something I didn't mean to say in both situations, which would lead to them giving me that diagnosis. It's not until I have an anxiety or panic attack, that I am willing to accept the thought of me having social anxiety...but when some time passes by after having one, I stop accepting it. It's like I can't make up my mind about it. At some points in time it seems likely, but other times, it doesn't. Then there are times when I randomly feel anxious and shaky, and it doesn't seem to have anything to do with social settings. I just don't understand what's going on in my head sometimes.
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1 Response Jan 16, 2016

I don't think having Social Anxiety is a defining characteristic of an individual. I think it's more of a tendencies. At times, you may have anxiety and it could be at a higher degree than most people but that doesn't mean that you are labeled as a socially anxious person or an anxious person for that matter. I like to think of it as our brains just firing a little more than usual.

I've found peace in accepting that I have those tendencies but I also have moments where I'm likable, funny, and fun so I try to go with that perspective more than the other one. And nobody knows what's going on in our heads most of the time :-) I think when one thinks they have it all figured out, then that's when problems arise lol

I guess I'm one of those people who just wants everything to make sense, and I'm too stubborn to accept my condition because of how much I want it to change. I want to get back to that version of myself who had his mental health under control, so I can go out and start a social life like I had planned to do a year or two ago. It's like I'm stuck in a never ending cycle of failures, and I feel that the only reason why I fail is because I have the wrong mindset. I feel as though by accepting my social anxiety, I'm only feeding it and allowing it more prominence in my life, rather than denying it so that it has less power over me...yet at the same time I know the first step in changing something about oneself, is to accept the facts.