So far..I think this is the most embarresing moment of my life.
I hav'nt talked about this with anybody.
In 2014, I used to go to coaching centre.
One day, a news reporter came to our class and asked us if we could act like 12th class students because the next day there was 1st board exam of 12th. (we were in 11th and 12th class students were absent because they were studying ofcourse)
So she proceeded. And 1 or 2 boys volunteered. She asked them to say :how they were nervous about their exam and how they prepare, how they manage their studies etc etc.
I was the only girl in my class. So she came to me and asked me if I could say something too (she also wanted a "girl's" view) by shooting the camera at my face!
A normal person would have just - No. I can't I am sorry.
But ofcourse, I just froze. All the teachers and boys were looking at me like they were expecting something from me.
After 10 sec passed, she said "Are you nervous?" I did'nt say anything. So she just put the camera away and told me that it's ok.
1 or 2 boys, at the back, laughed.
I cringe everytime when I think about that
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Awwh haha poor thing
A news channel came to my school, and Asked to film me while i would read out loud. I just shook my head, but at least i got Asked first.
1 year later i was Asked by a tvshow playing in my school if i would play a student in 2 scenes and have a couple of Lines. This time i said yes. Because i was allready very far into the mode of just going for things.
It went fine, was very exciting.

Hehe. Well, I hope I can do something like that one day!