Well, I'm actually unsure if I have social anxiety or not? I've never been officially diagnosed with anything...I also shop, work, and interact with people on a fairly regular basis. I've also acted (which requires auditioning). However, I HATE the interactions. I'm especially uncomfortable in "new situations". For some reason, I think people are automatically judging me (they can see the imperfections and/or are threatened by some immutable trait). I feel weird, uncomfortable, and out-of-place.

I dream of just pulling a McCandless-style escape: Buying a tiny home, towing it to some sparsely-populated wilderness and just writing...But I can't. My family needs me, the vampires at Sallie Mae won't be satiated until the last drop is drained from me, and...Well, I never earned my fire-starting badge in the Girl Scouts (though I did surprisingly well selling cookies).

So, I'm stuck--anxiously anticipating another day of horrible human-to-human interaction. *sigh*

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3 Responses Jan 17, 2016

It sounds like you have it, you know yourself more than your doctor. But it also sounds like your doing ok. one thing i always remember is, people have other things to think about rather than you, and even if they are thinking about you, who cares, love yourself!

yeah i'm of the same opinion, but since i've removed nearly all negativity from my life, i am gettin on a lot better, there are good people out there, though very rare!

I think you have what you've been suspecting all along. Try reducing caffeine and St. John's Wort, 5-HTP, or L-Theanine. They are all over-the-counter remedies. Anyone of those works well. Just so you know, i still have my healing badge from the BoysScouts.

Well everyone has social anxiety from time to time. That's normal. But it becomes a disorder when it starts interfering with life's normal and daily functions, and begins to cripple you.