My Trouble's

I used to be outgoing and I loved to sing for my grandmother and her friends. I did school play's in front of big audiences and had fun laughing and joking with everyone. I was bullied in school, and treated like dirt at home. I don't remember when it hit me, but suddenly I wouldn't leave my room. Then I stopped going to parties and hanging out with friends. I would have anxiety attacks and avoid the situations. I still do, but I am trying so hard to push myself forward. I am glad that I am not alone.

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Yeah but I stopped, I deal with it on my own now.

Thanks DHG1

It happens...and I guess different people react in different ways...Me, i used to try to be cool. and fit in all the time, but i never could, i was different, i have always been a geek at heart! one understood me, and now i'm a loner in i go out to be with family..once in a while, and to take pictures!! that's about it!<br />
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thank you for sharing college...we here for ya!

I didn't either

That is a really great point kid4life. :)

No it's not a girl thing lol. It happens to boys too.

Maan! That's exactly my story.<br />
I was famous at school. Getting all A's, singing, debating. I had a good voice and loads of confidence. Then at 13, i met with this bully and that year sucked. I regained, but not the bounce (Is that a girl thing?*cripes*)

this makes me sad, because I think it´s so common for young girls to have a bright light shining when they are little children, then we get critizised and become aware of other peoples opinions about us and our light starts to fade. we become self-aware and it´s like a dimmer switch starts to turn out our bright light. there is always the possibility to shine bright again though. I wish this for you. take care:)

Hey man, I know what you feel like. I used to sing infront of audience, not very well hahaa, and feel confident within my friends. Then I had a lot of self doubt and was a hermit for a year. I now have great friends but am still really self conscious. If you have friends that means people WANT to be with you... remember that.