I really wish that it wasn't so difficult to reach out and make friends. It's so terribly lonely only having one person to talk to daily. But whatever I try and break out of this vicious cycle, I end up feeling worse than before because if my overreacting mind. I then start feeling like I'm boring the other person, I'm unlikable, I'm awkward, etc etc. I want to make a change.
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I am also like this. I don't like to talk to all people. But I mess up talking to those whom I like. I also know there are reasons for my behaviour. I can't change that. But you can try to find out why thats the case with you. If there is nothing then go out and talk to people. Don't care what they will say. They will always say something. But experiment talking to other people. Whats the worst that can happen.

Hey there, you are not alone. I also have social anxiety, which is also affecting my relationship status (single).

You're on the right path yo xD realizing its a mind issue can take years in itself for some people. Notice your second to last line..cognitive errors in your thinking. Possibly..it always helped me to ask myself..what evidence is there that they possibly think I'm awkward? Notice the possibly..we can assume nothing for certain, no matter how you feel. Feeling something so strongly that it becomes certain in your mind is one of the biggest issues for people with anxiety to overcome. I believe it is called emotional reasoning. Wouldn't hurt to look up ;) good luck

I feel the same way hunni, it's so hard to make friends when you have social anxiety.. it feels good to meet other people who feel exactly the same way. You are not alone! Maybe we could be friends? xx

I'm there for you. I too have very few friends. I hope my age doesn't turn you off. I'm younger by my personality. I'm only 55 by official age. By mind I'm in my 30-40

True,I think that's the reason I get bored of mmo's quick for example.I just don't do any interaction with other players in fear I'm gonna bore them or get in their way.Playing a mmo alone...we,not the general idea.I tried here and there to make some friends,but it end fast,I blamed others in first but realized soon it's me...Never learned how to deal with it.

Hey, if you want we can be friends. It's awkward for me to make new friends also, but we can try. Just message me whenever you want.