A message of hope for you guys :) if anything, just to change the course of these posts heh. Alright so first off, I don't think any of you had it much worse than me. Like I was silent in grade school right? Like silentttt, it was ******* disturbing I'm sure.
Anyways, in the interest of making this readable, I now consider myself almost completely healed. It's taken some time…I've had to work at it ofc, but not as much as I thought I'd have to do.
How? Systematic desensitization. If you don’t force yourself into social situations that scare you and your case is serious enough, you will probably never heal. Take that to heart above anything else I’ve written. It doesn’t have to be so scary though..start small..hence the name. Work yourself up bit by bit, and you’ll be amazed at the progress you make. My therapist recommend simply sitting in Barnes and nobles for a bit to start off with. It may seem pointless but being around people like that, even without speaking, does help.
And if it is within your power, see a therapist for God’s sake. If unfortunately it is not an option, then fret not. You can still make huge gains and probably equal the success of someone seeing a therapist just by practicing that ^ technique and learning about cognitive distortions or errors of thinking. They really don’t do much else than get those concepts in your head..seriously.

If my stupid *** can do it SO CAN YOU ^^

If you smoke weed, stop. Just ******* stop, don’t even argue.

EMOTIONAL REASONING (cognitive error central). Do yourself a favor and get this in your head now rather than later. Google it. Ofc, not all of you may struggle with this, but logic would dictate you will. A few other thinking errors to all of them will probably interest you as well.

Finally..always find that bright side, any way you can! Anxiety and depression doesn’t have to be a lifelong route people.

Also, I think it makes the grass look a little greener than what average ppl see, once you get better.

And of course you’re weird, EVERYONE IS WEIRD.

Best of luck! Hope this helped..
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Thanks for your helpful tips! It's always good to hear from someone who has battled through these things and has a positive story from it. I'm glad to hear that you're doing well now. Blessings, friend!

Thank you friend c: how are you..if you'd like to talk message me anytime!

Dude, here something that will absolutely change your life: read Dale Carnegie's book "How to Win Freinds and Influence People." It's an old standard, I know. But that book helped create people like Howard Hughes (a billionaire who flew and built planes, starters a communications company called Hughes Satelite, and oil and machine companies all over the world) and even Mark Zuckerburg! It changed my life early on! Try it! You can't lose more than a few bucks for the book.

Wooo hey man I'm always looking for great books, might as well. Thanks! Sounds like you can't go wrong with the title xD