How do I beat social anxiety?

My social anxiety gets in the way of how I communicate with people around me. When someone talks to me I just smile, nod my head or shake my head. I'll make the slightest sound but I feel like I'm unable to speak. I just feel choked.

Social anxiety also gets in the way with my performance at school including my grades. We always have at least 2-3 projects where we present in class and I always get sweaty and I stutter. I once fainted. I was so embarrassed. Even when I'm sitting and the teacher tells me to answer a question, I feel like crawling into a deep hole. I'm not a big fan of being centre of attention.

At night I stress about going to school and being asked by the teacher to stand in front of class to read something or just to answer a simple question.

I talk to my close friends, I never shut up but when I'm around new people, it's like a cat got my tongue. Some people think I'm mute and I don't find that offensive because it seems understandable from their point of view.

It's easy to talk to certain people over some messaging app but sometimes it's not. I would just like to be able to talk to people without stuttering or getting lightheaded.
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3 Responses Jan 21, 2016

mm . one of the ways i kno . is to jus . force urself .. :/ . thats how i hav to make myself do stuf . repetitively forcing myself :/ .. i do that using danceclass

I would like to tell you, you will awaken one day and it will be gone. Or that if you eat a certain food it will lesson. I am sure you want a realistic response and not false hopes though.

It is hell. I tried many of the self help techniques. Can't say I ever found the perfect solution. What I do know though is that it is a mental issue though and should be treated like one.

Even just admitting to yourself that you have it is a huge step. I work with mine in small steps. After all a lot of small things can bother you but are never an issue until they overwhelm you in a massive collection of issues.

For example talking in front of people. Why did it bother me so bad? In its simplest form I was afraid of being judged but worst then that was being ignored.

Each person it unique in their problems and how they solve them. If you want message me and I will see if I can help . I do not know everything but I have been deal with social anxiety for around 8 years now.

I hope this helps but I will give you what I have to say.
I am sorry you feel this way, it is a hard feeling to shake off sometimes. It's good to talk to others about this if you haven't all ready. Stammering is normal, a lot of people get afraid when being presented a new formidable experience. That happens to everyone, everyone has some sort of level of anxiety, we all do, it is our human nature. It is not something that will always be there, you can control it. Try to think of all the effort you had put in, or all you want to show to others, think of all the matters that mean most to you, and all those who are by your side clapping you after your every move. You can't help that you are getting attention, it is out of your control, what can you do? Don't mind so much of them only that you must get this done, and soon all the attention will not be given to you. Every day something new happens, so you have to brace yourself for it. Don't let it trouble you. I have trouble doing the very same as well. Anyway, I wish you well. Hope it helped in the least.