I get a lot of anxiety but it only seems to effect me when in eating in public
lesley2456 lesley2456
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 21, 2016

Oh I hate when people ask me to "join them for lunch". They want to be nice, and they think I'd feel terrible having lunch all alone, but they have no idea I love eating by myself, reading something, not having any conversation...

Right it actually gets so bad for me. Sometimes i really want to avoid going out with my friends if its going to involve eating like in a restaurant. Idk maybe im exagerating but it feels awful.

No I totally get it, I feel exactly like that (I thought it was just me being weird!) I sort of have to get over it, no real choice in the workplace... If the group is three or more people I let them to do all the talking and I keep quiet so people forget I'm there :-P

Ive considered getting help cuz i cant live the rest of my life like this