I have no friends and I get really nervous in social situations where I start to shake uncontrollably, get light headed and sometimes swear. I feel that I am like this because I have a speech impediment and scared people will mock or judge me
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I have no friends also. ]:

I'm sorry to hear that dude, some people are complete asshats.

Your not alone on this one my friend :)

Thanks :) I never even knew there was such a thing as SAD a few months back I just thought it was shyness but it's not!!

na i struggle with it BIG TIME. one thing i try and remember when i'm having a meltdown is the times that i have been fine speaking to and being around people. it helps sometimes

This is me exactly and I have no friends either

I'll be your friend if you want :)


I don't have speech issues, but I have my own problems. I have anxiety along with physical issues. you can always message me. My best advice is to make it your own. Don't be mean to yourself, but make things humorous. then people can't hurt you.

When I was younger I'd lean too much to one side walking. I hit a garbage can and just went "That thing came from nowhere!" and people laughed at me, but it didn't hurt, because I was in control. The majority appreciated my humor, and that keeps the rude minority silent

Again, if you ever need a friend, message me.

Thanks so much :) I'll try your suggestion :)

*sweat not swear lol

I know that feeling, we r here, try to make new friends

Yes we are but I tend to think I'm failing at that also