I can't stand when people use this as an excuse to avoid life by choice. Too many people claim social anxiety when, really, they're just lazy and don't want to have to do things everyone else does on a daily basis, including those that actually have social anxiety. Of course, I'm speaking about someone specific that is really on my nerves, but nobody should think they can get away with it. A faker can be spotted a mile away.
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4 Responses Jan 30, 2016

I understand what you mean, i think some people are just too lazy to overcome their fears of maybe low-selfesteem. But something like social phobia is different.

social anxiety is a real issue for some people...it comes in varying degrees...but regardless many people with this condition don't seem to get away with much...they are just looked down upon for not having the social skills to fit into society and it may hinder them during job interviews, dates, and promotions...it can drive someone to depression

I think that's a harsh assumption to make, you never truly know what someone is going through and it could be social anxiety right enough. just my opinion.

You do have social anxiety?

Does it get any easier?