There is this one guy in my class who I have worked with in some group projects (groups chosen by teacher), who I think really shares my humor and is really easy to talk to, but I can't spend any time with him because he is in another social group in school.
Since I know this, every time I meet him now I just shut down and can't really be who I want him to see that I am.
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If only there was a way to communicate without talking to him, can't wait till we all learn telethapy, then we can talk to people we like without turning to jelly in their presence. Not sure if this works for you but you could ask a friend to find out if he likes you as much as you like him. This may change the way you feel about approaching him

This might not be the time for you to share more of yourself with him. The desire is their but the "risk" and anxiety to yourself does sound large.

See where time and events take you both. If it was mentally to be, you will continue to cross paths.

Best wishes on your studies and working through your anxieties. But always keep being yourself!

Perhaps you just need someone to encourage you to try and talk to him. I believe you can do it. :)