I have to make a phone call to set up an appointment for a PET scan but I can't get up the courage to do it. :(
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What helped me alot was taking a video recording of your phone convo.

I use the phone for my job and have to have a routine of what I'm going to say every time so it then feels comfortable. Practice it and take ur time

Just practice everything you have to say before you call. It will help with the anxiety, also it would make the call go by faster.

Are you sure it's social anxiety, and not just anxiety about the test and what the results may be?

I guarantee it's social anxiety.

I use to have horrible social anxiety. The way I finally got over it was to realize that the only thing that matters is what you think about yourself. Usually what other people say/think about you actually reflects how they see them self. I know it's cliche and people say it a lot, but seriously the key is to learn to love yourself and learn that you are the only one that needs to approve of you. After that, nobody has the ability to affect your opinion of yourself.

u cannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ... do it !!! hun ! :D :) ^_^

Been there. I wish I had some good advice, but I still get other people to make phone calls for me.

It'll be worth it consider the good that will come of it :)

Write down what the information.
Read 10 times OUT LOUD.
5, slow deep breaths through your nose.
Make the call. They can't see you. They don't know you. They cannot judge you.