It's my friend's birthday tonight. I'm all ready to go out and drink with her family and friends. Then it hits me; I have never been to this bar, never met these people before, and there is no one to bring with me. Now I'm planning a phoney excuse to get out of going
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I know it's hard, but if you don't take risks how will you ever know what you're actually capable of? If you go, there will be so much potential for a new friend. It's chances like these in life where people like us miss a chance at new friendships.

Really don't want to feel like a little lost puppy dog and hang on my friend the whole night bc we aren't that totally close like I don't think she knows I have social anxiety bc we met at work where I put on a face like I'm comfortable

Told her I have a flat tire now time for sweatpants and popcorn kind of night

No :(

I know it's hard, I have social phobia too. If you don't like the people there, it'll only be one day to deal with it.