I suffer from hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. Does anyone else in the UK suffer from this?
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Yes. This happens to me but was out of CONTROL when I was in a stressful relationship, sleep deprived and drinking copious amounts of black tea. I had pouring night sweats, hot flashes, soaked feet and hands. Miserable. Watch your caffeine intake, try to eliminate stress, try hot yoga (you'll sweat it all out and be cool for the evening). Drink water. Good luck!

I sweat a lot and scared of communication. Hands raise'

Do botox and you will thank me

Yes - Lee Evans and he is a ledge!

From being socially anxious?

My ex husband was from Scotland and had this. While married I researched treatments but he didn't want to try anything. The best thing to do is practice proper hygeine, bath regularly and use deoderant. Diet can be a big help on the smell factor.