If I had to draw a picture of myself based off what I see in my mind … I would be a skinny, pale, introverted, "loser". Funny thing is is I work with the public and I successfully put on a fake face daily. Few people have been privy to the fact that I am actually an introvert. I love rainy days, relaxation, & my wife and kids. The only problem with this is… That is all that I like. Humanity as a whole tends to discust me. I am by no means overly confident though oddly enough some people think I am. Old people with strong moral values are the only ones I connect with.

Now for the actual picture… I am 6 foot, 225 pounds… Good complexion and from what I'm told attractive. I have always seen right through people but believe it or not look for the best in everyone. I am not a pessimist but more of a realist. Unfortunately to date … I have never been wrong about anyone I've ever met even when my opinion was unpopular. Eventually I'm proven right but rarely given credit.

I am blessed but I feel lost.
Separate16 Separate16
36-40, M
Feb 11, 2016