I want to post things and tell about what is going on in my life but I can never bring my self to do it. I try it on other social medias but I always too anxious about saying the wrong things or sounding stupid or another of the million things that run through my head. Usually when I do get up the courage to finally post something I can't stand to see what people say that I won't go back to the social media for a couple days. I'm hoping that here I will be able to finally be able to say what I want to and not feel like everyone is judging me for it.
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2 Responses Feb 15, 2016

It's so typical of our anxiety that we second guess ourselves and everything we're gonna say!! This is my third attempt to respond to this :) . It's nice to be able to speak with others suffering the same.

I can relate! There are Many times where I have had a post half written and decided against it for these reasons. Luckily you can just block people that bug you :)