I was at this place the other day called Señor Frog, and it's basically this restaurant/bar place. Of course it was very crowded and loud so what I always do is stay with my mom because I don't like being with people I don't know and I barely knew anyone. There were many people with us, about 40 to 45 so they had this great idea to split the adult and the kids. I started getting really agitated because I wanted to stay with my mom and she was making me sit at this other table with teenagers (the only person I knew was my older brother but he wouldn't talk to me). After I sat down I started getting really overwhelmed with all the music and people I just felt a knot in my throat and I had the urgency to just start crying. Obviously I didn't because I don't like crying in front of other people especially in places like that. Soon enough I dealt with it because I had to ( I wasn't completely comfortable), but I need help on how to calm myself down in situations like that. Can anyone give me tips?
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I can hardly go to Walmart without nearly having a panic attack. The one thing that always helps me is keeping headphones in. That probably wouldn't have helped in that setting but if there's not loud music it does help you stay in your own little world.