i don't know if this is the right group for my case but i fear competition in everything , especially in exams or arguments .. , since i was in elementry school till now (college ) i fear competing with my friends . Its a mixed feeling between fear , low self esteem , anxiety and fear of success , i always underestimate myself even if im 100% sure that i could get higher grades or win a game ...etc , and this always results me losing because i always believe that no matter what i do or how hard i study i won't make it . this thing is really destroying me and i feel like it limits my competences , any advices ?
peace !!
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I’m sorry that you’ve been struggling with anxiety. You’re definitely not alone in this struggle. I’ve been there -- feared social situations, as well. Why don’t you talk with a professional counselor about what you’re going through? And, do you have the time to read? You might want to check out the book: Let It Go: Breaking Free from Fear and Anxiety, by Tony Evans. I’m not sure if you believe in prayer… but I said a prayer for you.

Compete against how you were yesterday. Don't compare yourself to others.if you can't compete learn to dominate in your field of expertise. As far as self esteem it's earned over time with effort as you become. Until then fake it.