Ughh I have a big project in a few weeks that involves makingg a poem and presenting it to the class and my teacher put my for the first day of presentations (4days total) and I'm already panicking about presenting the nonexistent project
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That's perfect, now you have less time to stress it. Once it's over it's over. You don't want to be the people in the back.

I have social anxiety too, and I used to have a lot of issues doing presentations too. I found though, that the teacher did not mark as harshly as i had thought at first, the class did not even pay much attention, and that all the stress I had caused myself was not even needed. You will do fine; don't focus on the negatives, its better just to get it over and down with the best way you can. Give it all you got :) I am sure you will do fine.

I have the same issues. The good thing is that you'll be first and you can get it over with. Plus you set the stage for others and the teacher probably won't grade so harshly on ya. You can do it! Just try not to think about it right now. Stay in the present. Also try to remember that when you present that the class probably isn't even paying attention. Lol they're thinking about how scared they are to present theirs and probably what they're gonna eat for dinner.