Social Anxiety has consumed my life. I've always been a bit shy, but about 10 years ago I started my slide into social isolation and loneliness. My anxiety is so bad that I'm terrified of people. Even people online scare me. I have such a difficult time meeting people and making connections with them. The only time I leave the house is to see my therapist. I don't have any friends in my entire state. I don't have any friends within 500 miles of me!

I used to be a lot more social. I never had tons of friends but at least I knew a lot of people. Today I barely know anyone. I barely speak to anyone. I'm just really tired of being alone. The loneliness is killing me. :(
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This site may help

This is exactly me!! I don't go our alone and when I do it's with my family but still I feel people are staring even when there's no one ther also when I walk past a group of people laughing I feel they laughing at me I tend to shake and lose control of myself when around people

I'm sorry that you are feeling this way. I have social anxiety too, but my problem is not severe. Sometimes I can be isolated from society due to my anxiety and i can feel lonely too, I listen to music and play music instrument to fill up my feeling. I hope if you do the same can help you not to feel so lonely when you are being isolated..

im the same way, been this way for a few years now, i really want to socialise but when the chance comes i'm a bumbling mess. it gets me down a lot, but i'll keep trying :)