I have suffered from social anxiety disorder since I was about 10 years old. I was a very intelligent child, but when teachers noticed a difference in me, I started trying to be invisible. Social situations, including school, were torture. I bulldozed my way through life, including dabbling in alcohol and substance abuse for relief of my anxiety and depression. I find it very interesting that the disorder is marked by a morbid fear of authority figures.
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And now?

that is weird about authority figures. I just figured my boss scared me in general. I've had to work hard to get rid of that feeling. We're getting along better now.

I hope you put that intelligence to good use? You could write a book about your experiences as a person of high intelligence and social phobia?

I find that authority thing interesting myself. I get intense fear and anger if I see any police or political figures anywhere near me and instantly rebel when I feel someone is trying to order me around, not that I can go outside my house much anyway.