Its hard trying to explain to people what you go through everyday because they have know clue what it feels like. I think the best thing is just telling someone that can relate because otherwise they wont know why you cant do certain things.
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Me too. My anxiety never gets better in certain situations. I take bus par and Effexor. Works great.

I used to fight it and get out there and in front of people but I realized that's only causing more stress. A trigger is a trigger.

Don't worry you're not alone...Me too...and struggle with the same thing...People just don't get it how hard is for me to live everyday cause they don't know how it feels. It feels like your every muscle is tired and stiff...your throat is tight, very tight..Breathing is something people do easily without realizing but for us It's something we struggle to do cause we always feel like we are suffocating...I always feel best when I'm alone in my room with no one at home...but even then I just feel less anxious but It's not completely gone...It's torture. Ms me If you want to talk.

It is a struggle theres so many things i wish i could do like go on a trip out of state with my family or go to dinner with my friends without freaking out the whole time

Hanging out with people and just go with the flow or feel good is something we lack but I know the feeling...when you're constantly worried and anxious...but things will improve... we have to fight and try to be positive and find any little thing we can use to keep ourselves constantly happy...There is no way our mind will stay like this forever...nothing is forever and If you keep yourself more happy and will improve much faster...Boost your self esteem and don't underestimate yourself...our mind is complex like the universe. We can pull it through If we try to fight it...try to look up acupressure as well...I heard It's good and relieves anxiety...scientifically proven of course, no bluff. Anything is better than doing nothing and sinking in anxiety.