Every time I go to a gathering, whether it be a family event or Christmas party, I completely shut down. I can't look at anyone or talk to anyone. All I want to do is cry and get away from everyone! Is this normal? Is there someething I can take for my nerves? It's such a horrible feeling.
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Try a couple of cocktails. I too have social anxiety.

I take a pill for anxiety in these moments and try to follow some tricks as engaging in what they are talking about, even when I only listen or ask them a question to show my interest in what they are saying.

Then, I take some solitude moments when I feel overwhelmed for my anxiety. For example, go to the toilet to breath deeply or go outside for a cigarette or pretend I have to phone someone.

In the case, there are kids or pets, I rather focus on them and play with.

yes some families bread makers are extroverts where children are pressured or pressed to show supremacy over them for being introverts, it happened to me, only in recent years I understood their behavior towards me & brother, now we both live in our own places don't give a damn wat they think, its a family thing.