I just want to live my life normally without having the fears I have now. No one around me knows what its like to have socail anxiety and because of this I feel very alone. I've missed out on so many oppurtunities because I can't bear to fae the social interactions that will go along with them. Sometimes I fear that I will be like this forever. I can't even leave my house without getting anxiety. Theres so much I want to do but I can't because the fear is too strong and I probably will always be like this anyways
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I know how you feel, I have anxiety too, but don't break to pieces on us yet. Everyday just tell yourself, "Just get through today." Eventually you'll have a whole lot of days you've gotten through one at a time. It helps lighten the weight on your shoulders, helps you to forget that you've got so many stressful, terrifying moments to get through. Just focus on one day at a time.

I have it to but honestly antidepressant medication is what has helped my social anxiety so much.

It helped me. It not a cure but it does help you to deal with it.

So here is the thing about fear. I was a soldier once. I fought in a war. Some people believe that what makes soldiers strong is their lack of fear. This is a lie. Fear is ever present, what makes a soldier strong is feeling the fear and doing what needs to be done anyway. This is what bravery means to me.
I also have social anxiety, but I take steps to try to get past it. I try to spark a conversation with a stranger, or go into an uncomfortable social situation and try to make the best out of it. If irrational thoughts hold you back, then listen to open minded logic. If you're too logical and overthink things, then stop thinking so much and commit to the actions that will help you grow as a person or build meaningful relationships with friends or more.
I still have a hard time going out on dates or meeting friends I don't know well, but I keep trying and I hold onto optimistic thoughts.
I hope this helps, and I'm not just annoying you.

That's the anxiety talking. It becomes a condition of anxiety over having anxiety. I know where you're coming from and I know that nothing is forever. Also, you're very young, with plenty of time to resolve issues. I would recommend therapy. I was in it for years and it really was a miracle, even though it took a long time. Think of it as a part of your life experience and when you come out at the end of it, you'll be wiser and help others that have not achieved your wisdom.
There's a good probability that an important part of the problem is your relations with your parent, during the developmental period. You may have had an over protective Mother who never gave you a good sense of your own self worth and a stern, critical father that made you feel a fear of authority. This is why you need therapy. I hope the best for you. Because you're probably still living at home with your family, it may be difficult to get the help you need.