Anyone else feel left out when walking with a group of friends? lol
i mean they are close with you as the rest of the group but sometimes you don't fit in with the group,,,
you feel weird walking with them
you are lagging behind them or in front of them
this is why i like walking by myself or with just one friend,,,
i become self conscious of how i walk and the groups walking pace and i feel weird just trying to keep up with them,,,

the thing i hate is i don't want to be looked down by the girls i check out i don't want them to see me walking behind the group.,,,
sometimes i feel fit in,,,its nice when i walk when i feel like i fit in,,,

its sounds silly but i bet some of you have experienced this ,,,
is it just me

tell me about your walking in group situation :)
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5 Responses Mar 12, 2016

no but I m glad to know people can feel this. I'll be more aware when walking in groups.

I'm always the third wheel, so I walk ahead and I'm Comfortable walking ahead

I've often felt this way when in groups. The others always seem to be talking among themselves and I never have anything to contribute so I just drift to the fringes. I feel like nobody would notice if I just disappeared.

Yeah I feel like I don't fit in with my group of friends. I end up walking behind them and not really being a part of the conversation. When I'm feeling social, I walk in front and walk backwards so they have to talk to me more and it's nice but I can't do that for very long because I'll fall lol

Yeah, in a group, i usually walk behind or with one or two friends, but i don't mind it though. I'm comfortable to walk behind even in a group, i'm much by myself that way and also don't like being center of attention to others even among friends lol. It's weird but who cares lol i'd much rather be lagging behind the group and gazing at things and observing people.