Dance and social anxiety

Tell me about your dancing experience,,any stories,,

Have you ever danced before?

would you like to dance someday?

i have danced only once when i was a kid (5),,,
and few times(2 or 3 times) in my teenage years just by myself for a few hours,,,no reason,,,

there was time when i was 10 i joined in a event in my school for a dance performance but it was caneled,,,i wouldve had to perform in front of a large crowd,,,,,im wondering if it wouldve have been a turning point ,,,

I would like to dance but i feel so shy and awkward doing it,,,i want to dance like crazy,,,i just want to loose myself,,,
i want to,break away this chain of my mind that holds my free soul ,,,i feel as if am sitting inside a cage that is open where deep down i know that it is amazing outside the cage but iam still afraid to go out of the cage,

,,,do i have to break away this chain to be happy?

on new years eve i went out with three of my friends in motorbike,,,so in traffic everyone screams and shouts "happy new year" but i am not able to do it ,,,
same story in movie theatres(yes in india we shout in movie theatres ) ,,,Group tours,,sporting events,, ,,,where people shout and i just keep quiet ,,,,,i think its okay if you dont want to shout and if you are okay with being quiet but i dont like to be quiet,,i want to be with the crowd and cheer and feel what they feel,,to feel part of the group....yeah
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i can understand how you feel. my advice is gather all the courage to put that first step to loose yourself 'coz once you open up then there is no stopping you. trust me i have been through this :)


I was going to suggest alcohol as well. although, it can be the devil. they also have hypnosis therapy for your problem, my friend did it and it worked for about 6 months.

Have a few drinks. Not to say be a drunk or anything but a few glasses of wine or something similar loosens you up a little when you go out dancing.