Its been made worse lately. I get nervous around anyone. I tried to break it by talking to people on EP but most were not very nice. I find it hard to get outside and socialise, and people may think it is something that can be broken but it's very difficult. It isn't something you just break. It takes time.
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It can be really hard hey. I have had s/a as well and the thing that I found most helpful was CBT. Changing my thoughts has changed the way I act as well. Highly worth looking into if you haven't already.

I have, I go see counselors too. It just takes a lot. I am getting there, though negative encounters don't help though that happens everywhere.

That's really great. I know first hand that it takes some courage to reach out and seek help. Unfortunately it does take some time though.. I have gotten heaps better but am still working through things myself. I keep a journal, which really helps.

i kinda know this feelings.i'm very sellective who i talk to can take your time and just be you no matter what other a s s holes says crazy things.i know you are good person,hugs

I can relate with this 100% 😕